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Jacqui Louder

It’s easy to forget sometimes what a privileged position we are in when we work with others, from clients through to colleagues. Every day I am allowed into people’s lives to hear their stories, watch their challenges and disappointments, share their joys, hear their most treasured secrets and memories, and understand their deepest fears.

I am provided food for my brain to learn from my peers, and massages for my ego to be involved and witness other’s successes. It is an honour to have such trust placed in us, and something that must be respected and cared for with the highest regard.


About me

What does health and fitness mean to you? Does it mean playing a sport, playing with your children, walking to and from work, swimming at the beach, running 5km... Whatever the definition, health and fitness is a part of our every day lives. It is important for us to maintain a healthy balance of exercise, nutrition, work, socialising, meditation, finding time to wind down, relax and enjoy life with loved ones.

If you are struggling to find your health and fitness balance come and have a COMPLIMENTARY 30 minute Personal Training session with me today!!!!