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The French Paradox - how eating should be!

Mark Bunn

Wish you could eat like the French – lots of oil, cheeses, creams, wines and still be slim and healthy? Well you can, you just need to … like the French!!!

Do you know about The ‘French Paradox’? This is the fact that the French (and other European cultures), generally eat a very rich/high-fat diet, yet have one of the lowest levels of obesity/heart disease in the western world. You don’t see them running, going to the gym, or basically raise a sweat much either (unless someone spills their wine!)

Now the age-old, ‘it’s genetics’ argument, is a popular one. However, study after study has shown it has nothing to do with genetics. High anti-oxidants in red wine I hear you say. Yes, this can help, but not enough to explain such a distinct difference – there is something far more fundamental going on.


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